Vehicle Tracking Devices

Vehicle Tracking

Keep track of your valuable assets & reduce journey times


A vehicle tracking system is an electronic device that is used to track a vehicle’s location. Tracking systems are able to tell you in real time the whereabouts of a vehicle and also its destination. As well as real time reporting you’re able to go back to past journeys, where stationary times, maps, movement times and other statistics are archived.

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Save your Business Money

Vehicle tracking devices are not as costly as you may think. In fact it could actually save your business money by reducing journey times, fuel consumption and reduce customer complaints.

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Valuable Asset & Trailer Tracking

Haulage companies will find it useful to have their trailers protected. Keep your valuable possessions under surveillance by knowing their location at all times. Ensure their security.

Fleet Management

Having trackers installed throughout your fleet will help you improve your business. By ensuring the whereabouts of your goods and drivers, you will be able to improve time management and inform customers of expected delivery times.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Some insurers take tracker systems into consideration when calculating your policy. An installed unit will help speed vehicle recovery at times of theft.

Field Service Management

This is really useful for companies that are in the maintenance or call out industries. You are able to check on a colleague’s current job location and the whereabouts of your employees.

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