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Despite the changes in how business is conducted, one of the constants is the importance of telephone systems and fixed lines. Customers need to make fast, efficient contact at all times and so the integrity of line rental services, along with broadband, is of the utmost importance. The smooth operation of your business depends on reliable telephone systems.

With increased use of cloud storage and as-a-service software, businesses are becoming more reliant than ever on their broadband services. Business broadband needs to be reliable and fast, and there are various products available to meet the needs of different sized enterprises.

7TS provides telephone systems and solutions to businesses across the UK, providing a variety of different lines to suit your communication needs as well as SIP and VoIP options available.

Telecom Solu7ions delivers a wide range of telephone systems and hosted telephony solutions to cater for every business. We cover all bases, from digital ISDN lines to PSTN (traditional analogue) lines, along with SIP and VoIP options. Our bespoke approach can serve a business with a single analogue outlet or one needing a multi-discipline solution.

We work with the best networks to offer the highest quality, the best deals and the biggest savings.

Confidence and Simplicity

Hosted telephony, which is sometimes known as Hosted VoIP, involves IP services hosted in the cloud. Calls are made and received using mobiles, IP handsets or some other kind of device, and communications are transmitted through the internet which is connected to a cloud based data control centre.  With our hosted telephony, clients receive a service that is elegant, reliable and simple to scale up when needed. In the event of a problem, calls can be redirected to other devices or locations. This allows clients to feel confident with our hosted telephony solutions.

Our Advantages

We deliver significant savings, with no compromise on call clarity. By reducing needless administration, we can cut costs, and our systems are easy to use, with invoicing and billing that is transparent and fully itemised.

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